The 10 Healthiest Guilt-Free Chips and Crackers to Buy

By GMB Health Advisor, Nutritionist Melissa Fine

Looking for a cleaner chip? Our GMB Nutritionist Melissa Fine gives the lowdown on the healthier options on the market - from corn chips to broccoli chips (really!) and our favourite crackers, there’s something for everyone here.

Doña Cholita Totopos Corn Chips

If you’re gonna have a corn chip, have a Totopo! While your commercial corn chips are made with dried maize, lacking the extra nutritional benefits, Doña Cholita Totopos are made from Mexican tortillas; these use a special kind of maize flour from corn that’s been soaked and cooked (‘nixtamalised’ maize flour). This process is thought to break down difficult-to-digest enzymes present in the maize, while also making its nutrients more accessible.

Another reason why we love these: they’re hand-cut for some extra love and are fried in small batches using GMO-free rice bran oil, which has a desirable high smoke point (meaning it won’t become unstable and prone to oxidation). Now where’s the guac?!


X-50 Broccoli Chips

Say what? Yep, broccoli chips are the new kid on the health food block, and true to the name (which isn’t always the case with chippies), are made with 87% broccoli…the only other ingredients are rice bran oil, sea salt and baking soda. We love them straight up for a non-starchy snack, or sprinkled on a salad for a crunchy garnish. We do still prefer chips that are baked or dehydrated at GMB, but these make a cleaner chip for a once-in-a-while treat.


Orgran Buckwheat Crispibread

You won’t find a cleaner crispbread than this ‘tummy friendly’ one, which reminds me of the not-so-healthy commercial crispbread crackers a lot of us ate growing up (rhymes with ‘bits’). Unlike the old-school white flour version, Orgran’s Buckwheat Crispibread is allergen-friendly, has no added sugar, and we love the short ingredients list: just nutrient-rich buckwheat flour, rice flour and salt (Despite its name, buckwheat is actually a seed and is gluten free).

A more substantial cracker that you can make a meal out of – try a few topped with avocado and a sliced hard-boiled egg or some smoked salmon. Yum!


Fine Fettle Flats

We’ve been snacking on these babies since they landed on the shelves several years back. Made entirely with dehydrated wholefoods like veg, seeds, herbs and spices, say see-ya to highly processed white crackers and hello to healthy flavour! These look really pretty on a cheeseboard too, if you’re feeling a bit fancy.

The Zucchini and Almond Flats are my go-to, but I need to try the Carrot and Pepita ones stat. And for when you need a little something sweet, there are even fruit-based Flats…I’m thinking the Berry & Almond ones topped with a bit of brie.


Ceres Organics Coconut Smiles

Okay so not exactly your conventional chip, but we’re all about breaking the rules at GMB if it means you’ll be snacking healthier. A wholefood ‘chip’ indeed, these thick-cut, dry-toasted coconut chips are a fibre-rich snack and a great little garnish for sweet and savoury dishes. Choose from Simply Toasted (100% coconut!), Hot & Salty or Sweet & Salty (sweetened with just a touch of coconut sugar) for a bit of both.


Cobs Sea Salt Popcorn

GMB founder Peta’s fave, and so much better for you than movie popcorn and commercial brands of microwave popcorn – full of funny flavours and colours, amongst other ingredients we’d be wary of. Perfect for a wholefoodie movie night, this GM-free snack is also available in an organic variety if you’re a popcorn purist. Just skip the brand’s Indulgence Range at the supermarket and stick to good ol’ Sea Salt.


Sea Shanti Seaweed Crisps

Apart from being rich in iodine – needed for a healthy thyroid – these hand-crafted babies are also rich in the fifth taste sensation: savoury and satisfying ‘umami’. I snack on these straight up, but they’re also awesome sprinkled on top of rice, salads and stir-fries. Available in Original, Salt & Vinegar or Chilli for a bit of a kick.


The Happy Snack Company Roasted Chic Peas

Crisp lovers who need some salty crunch will approve of this pop-em-in-your-mouth snack. The Lightly Salted variety is roasted in nothing but sea salt, garlic powder and canola oil (while we’re not fans of canola oil at GMB, fibre-packed chickpeas make up 90% of the product, so we’ll let this one slide). Love the little snack packs too so you don’t end up eating the whole box in one sitting (they’re that good).


Extraordinary Foods Probiotic Kale Chips

Personally I’m not a fan of kale salads, but these chippies get my tick of approval, and I like that they’re made with Aussie-grown kale. On the pricier side, but there are some good deals over at the brand’s online store that you may like to go halves on with a fellow kale-loving friend.

The chip of the health food world, these slowly-dried, not-fried green morsels of goodness come in four flavours, so there’s something for everyone. We can’t go past the Cashew Vegan ‘Cheese’ ones at GMB HQ, and nut-free peeps will love the Naked and Nut Free option. The vegan probiotics in the babies along with kale’s high fibre content also makes this a snack for good gut health!


Mary’s Gone Crackers

Also a more premium product, but you’ll feel healthier just looking at these. We love the short list of organic, familiar ingredients, like wholegrain brown rice, wholegrain quinoa flax seeds and tamari. Because they’re packed with nutrients like good, filling fats and fibre – you won’t end up eating the box in one sitting like it’s so easy to do with cardboardy crackers. Put Mary’s out with your favourite dips at your next girls night, they’ll go crackers for them (sorry, had to!).


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