4 Nuts You Need in Your Life

We know that nuts are good for us; a good plant source of healthy fats and protein, each variety also offers its own unique nutritional profile. Here are four of our favourite nuts to snack on at GMB HQ and why we love them. By Nutritionist and GoodnessMe Box Health Editor Melissa Fine.


Don’t just eat this vibrant green nut in your gelato (good, I know!).

Of all the nuts, pistachios are actually the lowest in kilojoules. And of all the tree nuts, they contain the most ‘phytosterols’, plant compounds that prevent cholesterol absorption. Pistachios, along with cashews, are also rich in ‘prebiotics’, which create a ‘feeding ground’ for your probiotics or good gut bacteria.

How we like them:

  • Dry-roasted and straight-up – naturally sweet and salty, pistachios can curb a sweet craving and leave you feeling satiated
  • For rolling homemade bliss balls in – crushed pistachios make a pretty garnish and are a nice change from the usual shredded coconut
  • In an Aussie Bodies Naked protein bar - the Pistachios, Cranberries and Cacao Nib one tastes like a treat


The Aussie macadamia is richer in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat than any other nut. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin B1, involved in energy release and nervous system support.

How we like them:

  • Raw and in a homemade trail mix with dried apricots or tart incaberries for a sweet and sour/crunchy and chewy combo
  • In our muesli, to bump up the healthy, filling fats and protein in our brekkie


Of all the nuts, almonds are the highest in fibre to help keep you regular, with a handful (about 30g) giving you 3.5g of the stuff…that’s a lot for such a small serving.

Almonds are also a particularly good source of antioxidant-rich vitamin E as well as calcium - take note if you don’t do dairy.

How we like them:

  • Blended into almond butter, of course! I love both raw and dry-roasted varieties with a bit of salt. Awesome as a porridge or toast topping, or as a dip for veg crudités
  • Dry roasted with tamari (wheat free soy sauce) – a savoury and salty snack when you’ve overdone the raw almonds. You’ll find tamari almonds from the health food store


It’s hard to stop at one handful of creamy, crunchy cashews. As moreish as potato chips but so much healthier, cashew nuts are a particularly good source of vitamin K, essential for normal blood coagulation. Cashews are also rich in magnesium, which amongst its many roles, helps our muscles to function properly and relax.

How we like them:

  • In a chicken or tofu stir-fry
  • As a salad topper; awesome in an Asian cabbage salad
  • In an Aussie Bodies Nut Job! Macadamia, Almond and Cashew Naked Bar – unlike most protein bars, this one is 100% natural and a handy, portion-controlled option when you’re on the go

Tell us in the comments what you favourite nut is and why!

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