Sandy is a doctor (MBChB), holistic health advisor, preventative health educator and advocate and health writer. Having herself suffered from autoimmune conditions, Sandy is passionate about using nutrition and as a tool to prevent & manage chronic diseases. We are so excited to welcome Sandy to the GoodnessMe Box family as our resident Doctor to help us source the healthiest products for you and to answer your burning questions about how to make the best food choices for your body. But first, we'd love you to get to know Sandy better!

What food can you not live without?

Fish & veggies

Favourite food joint?

There are so many great organic cafes in Sydney now! But COOH (in Alexandria), About life/Digikaf (in Glebe) are all firm family favourites for breakfast on the weekend!

Your go-to breakfast?

I like to keep it super simple in the morning (especially Monday to Friday) while still ensuring I have a well-balanced nutrient dense meal that will keep me energised & alert until lunch time.

During the week, I usually opt for a smoothie – quick, easy, tasty & portable. I blend almond milk, ice, frozen fruit (berries or banana), fibre (psyllium/slippery elm bark), greens(spinach or kale), good fats(hazelnuts are my favourite), protein powder, cacao powder and a natural sweetener (dates/cinnamon).

On weekends I enjoy eggs - poached/omelette/shashuka – with veggies(mushrooms/tomato/spinach).

First thing you do when you wake in the morning?

I take a few deep breathes and do some gentle stretches. Another essential practice for me is a glass of water (or hot lemon water) to rehydrate.

Fill in the blank. I put...on/with all my food

Lemon – I would really like to plant a lemon tree in my garden this year!

It's date night. Your perfect restaurant would be?

I love Spanish tapas and also Japanese cuisine. Sharing tapas is fun & I love the clean fresh flavours of Japanese food.

You have a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world. You must be guided by your stomach. Where would you go and why?

Italy – I visited with my family when I was a teenager & loved the passionate culture, food and Mediterranean style diet. We are planning a trip later this year – can’t wait!

The word Wholefood to you means...

Gorgeous, brightly coloured, nutrient dense natural food that has not been processed in any manner.

Your favourite food memory is of...

Gatherings with family & friends in the country town where I grew up– always filled with laughter, amazing food (my mum is a star cook & baker!) and great conversation

3 health goals for this year?

  1. Drink enough water daily
  2. Prioritise sleep – aiming for 8 hours per night
  3. Exercise daily & practice Mindfulness regularly

Sweet or Savoury?

Savoury – without too much salt!

You are known for your [recipe]

Healthy chicken schnitzel and citrus quinoa salad recipe

Fill in the blank. I may be full but if you put______in front of me I will eat it any day.


Favourite food quote?

I have quite a few….

  • Love yourself enough to live a healthy life.
  • Every time you eat or drink you are either feeding disease or fighting it.
  • Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food.
  • Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.