7 Natural Health Products To Support Your Immunity This Winter

Although it’s important to look after our immunity all-year around, it’s even more so during winter when the cold and flu season hits! Given everything that’s happened this year, we want to ensure we’re giving our bodies the best chance to fight off any nasty bugs. Here are some of our top picks when it comes to supporting our immunity… and what to keep on hand when you’re feeling a little rundown. ⁠












Melrose Essential Vitamin C

We all know that vitamin C is necessary for good immunity! This easy-to-take powder consists of a unique blend of vitamin C as well other immune-strengthening ingredients such as zinc, olive leaf extract and vitamin D as well as Native Australia Kakadu Plum - one of nature’s highest sources of vitamin C. ⁠

Phytality Nutrition Ultana Phytoplankton 

Great for all-year-round health and nutrition, the Phytality Nutrition Ultana Phytoplankton offers a plant-based source of Omega 3 and is a natural sustainable, vegetarian alternative to fish and krill oil - if you don’t like fish or follow a vegan/vegetarian diet. It contains over 75 different lipids, minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients. 

Yogi Tea Echinacea Immune Support

Who doesn’t love a good tea! This one contains echinacea combined with black elderberry extract - another ingredient super high in antioxidants. ⁠

Oil of Wild Oregano

Traditionally used for respiratory tract infections, oregano oil boasts immunity-boosting and antibacterial properties. Try mixing into beverages or apply directly onto the tongue.⁠

Comvita Olive Leaf Lozenges with Manuka Honey

Unlike many other lozenges on the market which contain artificial flavours and added sugar, these are made with all-natural ingredients and combine the goodness of olive leaf and manuka honey for both antibacterial and antiviral properties. Great for sore throats!⁠

Mavella Superfoods

A great one for the kids! It’s loaded with antioxidants thanks to the addition of 9 different superberries and has plenty of prebiotics, probiotics and key nutrients that help little bodies fight off germs. There’s no added sugar, it’s easy to serve (hide it in smoothies or juices) and it tastes great! ⁠

Comvita Olive Leaf Extract

Traditionally used to help relieve symptoms of coughs, colds and sore throat, olive leaf extract is another powerful antioxidant. You can add to juices and smoothies if you’re still getting used to the flavour.⁠

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