Natural Soap Extraordinaire Emma's Day on a Plate

Emma is the director of The Australian Natural Soap Company that began with her partner who grew tired of the awful feeling of having to wash so many times a day using soaps that contained sulphates, parabens, detergents, artificial fragrances and many other irritants.

Emma is passionate about the benefits of Australian natural plant oils for the skin. While we should always be conscious of what we eat, we should never forget our skin! The advice Emma always gives is to check your labels and if you wouldn’t eat a particular ingredient in that body lotion or shower gel then why would you put it on your skin. Emma says "A good quality natural soap and pure plant oils are all you need for looking after your skin!". We love Emma's philosophy so much that we sat down with to find out what Emma eats in a day...

Emma's Day on a Plate


I usually have a big bowl of muesli with fresh fruit or peanut butter on toast or both. I always make sure I eat till I’m full for breakfast. I never know where my day will take me and where I’ll be eating for lunch. And I can’t live without my coffee!


I eat light for lunch as I’m usually eating on the go. I love my vegetables having been vegetarian since I was a teenager so my rule for lunch is when I order something it always has to have the word “salad” or “vegetables” in the title. Even when I’m at our factory in Dandenong, the local café has an amazing salad sandwich that will keep me going till dinner.


Generally I do all my shopping at Melbourne’s wonderful markets. I’m really fortunate because we have a shop at South Melbourne market and live down the road from Queen Victoria market. Shopping only at the markets means I can keep things really simple – when you’re cooking with fresh, in season ingredients you really don’t need to do much more with them! It also keeps meals interesting.

I’m also incredibly fortunate because we use food grade Australian plant oils in all our products so have access to such beautiful oils to cook with and use in salads such as avocado oil, macadamia oil and grapeseed oil. We really do produce the best plant oils in the world. Of all of them, macadamia oil is my pick (as it is in skincare). It’s a really stable oil to cook with and has such a beautiful nutty flavour in salads.

So most of our meals are as simple as lightly frying fresh vegies in macadamia oil, garlic and chillies, adding a little bit of coconut milk and curry spices and then lots of herbs. I’m currently adding lots of mint and coriander to my curries.

My other go to meal is lentil Bolognese, which I recommend for those wanting a really simple protein dish that will definitely fill you up. Just add red lentils to a low salt passata and fresh veggies. Add lots of herbs such as sage, rosemary and parsley and be sure to make lots of it and you’ll have lots of meals sorted for the week!

Get the recipe for Emma's Lentil Bolognese here!


Nuts and fresh fruit will get you through and combat any cravings you have. My pick is macadamia nuts and pistachios along with lots of citrus and grapes.

Exercise and general relaxation

Starting a business from scratch took up a lot of hours initially and in those early years I was doing everything from making the soap to delivering soap. While there’s now a team around me, I’ve learnt the best way to make sure I get my exercise is by incorporating physical activity into my daily regime. I will walk to office the scenic way as much as I can and still do the odd bit of work at the factory – handling blocks of 12 kilo soaps for an afternoon keeps me strong! I’ve come to accept also that I’m a workaholic but when it comes to business planning, I put on the runners and go for a long walk or bike ride to Yarra Bend park to map things out with a pen and paper rather than stare at the laptop. The great outdoors will always give you inspiration!

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