GMB Health Transformation with Avril Hocking

This is the lovely Avril who continues to amaze us each month on her health journey. We love her realistic approach to healthy eating and are super excited to share her journey with you and hopefully show that you make a change too!

What is your food philosophy?

The number of opinions sprung around about what the ‘best’ diet/lifestyle is and what foods should be eliminated completely from anyone’s consumption can all be very overwhelming, so going back to the basics can sometimes be the only option but can also be very refreshing. Eat real food, load up on your vegetables (you can never have too many) and listen to your body. That’s my food philosophy.

Tell us about your eating choices now compared to a few years ago?

I’ve always been very interested in health and fitness from starting gymnastics at a very young age. Since discovering the benefits of a plant based diet about a year ago, I’ve loved reading various food blogs, educating myself on the benefits of a whole food lifestyle, learning about how the body uses food as energy and how eating a variety of colourful whole plant foods can prevent ill health, increase brain function and improve overall wellbeing. I’m a true believer of the saying “Let food be by medicine and medicine be thy food”.

What was the turning point that made you sit up and make a change to your lifestyle?

Following many food bloggers and instagram pages, sharing their beautiful and nutritious foods has really opened my eyes into the power of social media. If it weren’t for social media, I wouldn’t be here today sharing my love for food and nutrition to people all around the world. Social media has definitely helped me discover my passions and ambitions in life.

How do you feel now compared to when you were eating differently?

Since incorporating more whole plant foods into my diet and reducing the amount of artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours, preservatives and saturated fat, my energy has definitely increased and I have a much brighter mindset as a result.

Is there anything you can do now or have done, that you once never thought possible?

I would never have thought that I would be recognised by such an influential company, let alone be asked to be a health ambassador for GMB and be a part of the family.

How has GoodnessMe Box helped you on your health journey?

GoodnessMe Box makes healthy eating affordable and sustainable for so many individuals including myself. Receiving a box of goodness each month helps me stay motivated and consistent while also providing plenty of snack/recipe ideas. Reading the GoodnessMe Box blog also exposes many brands who I may not have heard about previously, provides recipe ideas from nutritionists and other food lovers and gives advice about how to live and love a healthy life.

What are your ultimate favourite health product finds that you have discovered through GoodnessMe Box that you recommend to help others?

I look forward to the delivery of GoodnessMe Box every month. From the vegan chocolate bar to the crunchy coconut chips to the nut butters and also the numerous tea samples… GoodnessMe Box always produces the goods! I guess you could say I have a sweet tooth for these items!!

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