GoodnessMe Game-Changer: Sarah Holloway

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Sarah Holloway - Co-Founder Of Matcha Maiden & Matcha Mylkbar

These days, everyone’s mad for matcha – and Sarah can be credited with bringing matcha to the mainstream in Australia. Matcha Maiden started as a side hustle, but soon after, Sarah left her job as a lawyer to work on green tea goodness full-time. It’s safe to say she’s built an empire: her brand of matcha flies off the shelves in over 1000 stores, and you’ll spot it in cool product collaborations, like Fit Mixes bliss balls. Along with her partner in life and business, Nic, she’s laid down brick-and-mortar roots, and people line up to dig in to the plant-based delights at Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne. It’s Australia’s first matcha café, and it cemented Sarah’s status as a trendsetter!

Business is definitely booming. But Sarah likes to be busy. She blogs about her life as a “full time funtrepreneur,” and shares amazing recipes that she whips up to cater to her gluten intolerance. We’re all about it. She recently launched the Seize the Yay podcast, which interviews creatives and business owners that are doing incredible things. We can’t wait to see what she has in store next.

Sarah has given the GoodnessMe Box family 20% off to get some matcha in your life. Just use the code: GMB20

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