GoodnessMe Game-Changer: Dr Libby Weaver

The GoodnessMe Box Game-Changer campaign celebrates International Women’s Day 2019 (March 8th). It's about sharing the incredible stories of women pioneering in health & wellness. Read more about our 8 Game-Changers: Monica Meldrum, Rebecca Veksler, Taline Gabrielian, Taryn Brumfitt, Natalie Isaacs, Dr Libby Weaver, Sarah Holloway and Peta Shulman. You can join in too, snap a pic with a written 'Be a Game-Changer' sign, share it on social media and tell the world what game-changing thing you are doing for your health & wellness and then challenge a friend to do the same. #GoodnessMeGameChangers  

Dr Libby Weaver - Nutritional Biochemist, Author and Speaker

Dr Libby breaks down complicated health issues into plain English, and we love her for it. An internationally acclaimed nutritional biochemist, she’s penned 12 bestselling books, all of which promote her unique three-pillar approach that explores the link between nutrition, emotion, and the biochemistry of the body. If you can make positive connections between the three, you’ll be rewarded with energy and vitality.

She’s shared the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson and Tony Robbins to talk about what she’s learnt in her 20+ years of clinical experience and research, and audiences hang on to her every word.

Dr Libby’s expertise led her to formulating her own range of supplements, Bio Blends, and an online course, Weight Loss for Women which is only open a few times a year. It’s helped thousands of women to boost their body image and sort their health.

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