How do I Use Teff?

What is teff?

Teff is a wholegrain which is rich in fibre, and also makes a great alternative to other grains, such as oats, rice or quinoa. It is also gluten and wheat free, making it a fab option for those intolerant to gluten or wheat.

Teff is rich in protein, with 13g/100g, including all the amino acids as well. Teff has 8g fibre per 100g and is low GI as well, meaning it will keep you satisfied for long periods of time. In particular, teff is rich in resistant starch. This is great news for your gut, as resistant starch is important for helping to feed the bacteria in your gut which promote a healthy microbiome, through production of short chain fatty acids, such as butyrate.

Plus, it’s a good source of iron, zinc and calcium as well, providing more than quinoa!

Try Teff Tribe's Wild Berry and Coconut Express Teff Porridge in the April 'Mindfulness' Box!

How do I use teff?

Teff is incredibly versatile. Traditionally, it is used in Ethiopian cooking to make flat breads. In Australia, teff is often used in pancakes, as an alternate grain when making porridge, baking cakes or cooking slices.

Essentially teff can be used as an alternative option to any other grain you would routinely use!

What is Teff Tribe?

Teff Tribe provide the most readily available teff on the market in Australia, with a number of products now available, including their newly released porridge sachets. I love using these by soaking in my favourite milk overnight (to really up the resistant starch!), then topping with chopped nuts and fresh berries for a yummy take on overnight oats!

Teff tribe aren’t just your run of the mill Australian business though; the owners recognise the importance of giving back to those in need. Two percent of all sales of Teff Tribe products go towards supporting EthiopiAid; a non-profit charity organisation that assists Ethiopian women and children through a number of programs.

As if you need any other good reasons to get stuck into teff…!

Try Teff Tribe's Wild Berry and Coconut Express Teff Porridge in the April 'Mindfulness' Box!

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