How to Eat Mindfully

By GMB Nutritionist Melissa Fine.

It’s not just what you eat, but how you eat it that’s important.

Here are some simple ways to stop and smell the roses while you’re eating – or should we say stop and chew that chocolate!

Don’t eat lunch with your laptop, or dinner with the TV

I have to admit, I’ve gotten into the habit of watching The Bachelor in Paradise while I eat my dinner. The problem with this though, is that next minute I look down at my plate of food, and it’s all gone!

Multitasking while you eat can mean that your brain doesn’t register that you’ve actually eaten…which means you’re more likely to go back for seconds even if you’ve had enough. Eating while you drive can have the same impact.

Same applies to your phone

Put your phone down! We’re on our phones enough as it is already, but if you’re eating by yourself on your lunch break, it’s easy to end up scrolling through your social so you have some ‘company.’ Make a point of having a phone free meal, and focus on your food – its texture, taste and smell - and the fresh air that you’re lucky to get in your break instead.

Set the mood

GMB’s lovely Marketing Coordinator Jules recommends getting your hands on the pocket-sized book How to Eat, by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Here he explores eating as a meditative practice – from preparing your food, to serving and eating it, all the way through to cleaning up after eating.

Remember to chew!

If you’re one of these people who inhale their food, take this as a reminder that your food’s not going anywhere ;) By eating in a rush, you end up swallowing extra air, which can mean a bloated belly. Chewing your food, rather than swallowing bits of it whole will promote better digestion, and a happier gut.

Skip the king-sized packet

Eat your favourite snack mindlessly from a family-sized packet and chances are you’ll end up accidently polishing off the whole packet...oops! Be it a packet of popcorn, nuts, chips or chocolate, eat straight from the bag and it’s hard to gage how much you’ve actually consumed.

To avoid this snack attack, why not avoid the king-sized packet in the first place? Sure it might be better value, but it’s not doing you any favours if you eat the whole thing in one sitting.

Today there’s a heap of healthy snacks that come in portion-controlled single serves.

Some portion-controlled snacks we love

Thinkfood’s Mini Munch

Our current fave at GMB, we’re all for these 20g packs of dry-roasted goodness…pop the Sunflower Strawberry flavour in your pocket for when the 3pm munchies hit! With these you might find that you appreciate your food more, and that you eat slowly and more mindfully because there’s less of it!

Lucky’s Natural Almonds Snack Pack

Find a pack of six in the baking aisle at the supermarket.

Banjo the Carob Bear

You can buy single-serve fudgey Banjos pretty much at every health food store. Banjo’s so yum that he’s even popping up at supermarkets. Perfect for curbing a sweet tooth, without going overboard.

Cobs Sea Salt Popcorn

The cleanest popcorn there ever was, everyone loves Cobs. Rather than the family-sized bag though, grab the multipack with six single serve packs.
Barney Butter Smooth on the Go Singles: Can’t stop at one spoon of nut butter? This single serve sachet of creamy almond butter is your new best friend. We like drizzling this on top of strawberries or banana slices.

How do you eat more mindfully? We’d love some more suggestions, please share in the Comments!

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