My Day On a Plate: Plant-Based Foodie, Hayley Carey

Hayley Carey is a young mum from the Gold Coast living a healthy plant-based lifestyle. She has recently come out with a new book "An Inspired Life," where she shares her favourite plant-based recipes, tips on raising healthy kids and more.


I like to start my days bright and early and out in nature. I wake up every morning when it’s still dark, prepare my molasses drink (1 litre of water, lemon, apple cider vinegar and molasses), wake up my daughter and either walk to the closest beach or drive to a different one to see the sunrise. I have found that waking up with the sun before the world around us starts getting chaotic has improved the quality of my days drastically and lifts my mood so I am ready to face the day with a happy and calm attitude.

Once I have returned from the beach I like to squeeze in a quick home workout which my 3-year-old usually joins in on and then it’s time for breakfast. I always like my first meal of the day to be fruit so I start with a bowl of chopped oranges and passionfruit. Once I have demolished that I will have something a bit more filling and at the moment it’s a nice warm bowl of banana porridge topped with my homemade almond milk and cacao nibs.



Our days are always different but since my daughter is always with me I try to get outside as much as possible whether that be a play at the beach or at a park or nice fun skate. Once we have returned from whatever we have been doing its smoothie time. A big 1-litre green smoothie for me and a mini one for Layla. Every. Single. Day. It’s the easiest way to get my greens in and with the right combination, they taste delicious.



At the start of every week, I like to cook two huge meals that will last me most of the week. One for lunch and one for dinner.
The meals always change but my favourite at the moment is my Split Pea, Lentil and Quinoa Soup. I like to have my lunch in lettuce cups to squeeze in some more greens and plus it’s better for digestion. I put the soup into however many lettuce cups I decide to have that day and top it with guacamole, dulse, hemp seeds and sprouts. I know it doesn’t sound that great but it is surprisingly so delicious and super nutritious.



I don’t often feel like I need a snack between lunch and dinner because I usually have lunch pretty late but if I’m a bit peckish I will either have crackers with my homemade hummus or an almond pulp bliss ball that I make using the leftover pulp from the almond milk.


After lunch, I like to get us outside again especially for sunset but that doesn’t always happen depending on how messy the house is and how tired we’re feeling.
Once again, dinner changes every week but its usually something like a casserole, burrito bowls, fried rice or curry. I keep my meals as nutrient-dense as possible and I love to sneak in more nutrients wherever I can so my dinner is usually topped with dulse, hemp seeds and sprouts.


I don’t have dessert every night, I will usually drink either a matcha green tea or a kombucha which satisfies me enough but on the nights I do want something a bit extra my go-to is always my homemade chocolate. It is so quick and easy, it tastes so delicious and the best part, it’s still reasonably healthy so I never feel sick after. It’s a win win for all.

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