My Day on a Plate: Wholesome Foodie Leah Itsines

Instagram sensation and wholesome foodie Leah Itsines is on a mission to show the world that healthy eating shouldn't be hard, or restrictive, and that is EXACTLY why we love everything that Leah is about.

Her passion for food came from her mother and grandmother, who were always cooking amazing home cooked meals. As a child, she was forever helping them in the kitchen! Nowadays, Leah creates recipes that are quick, easy, affordable AND healthy. She wants to be able to show you that you can eat amazing foods with LOTS of flavour and STILL look and feel the best.

We are super excited to have teamed up with the amazing Leah for a special edition GoodnessMe Box for the month of May and share with YOU her favourite health food picks to guide and inspire you! So we sat down with Leah to see what her typical day on a plate looks like.


Breakfast for me is SO important! I work as a Personal Trainer so my hours are CRAZY early, I NEED to eat! I LOVE having a smoothie with protein powder, almond milk, flaked oats, banana or berries and some honey!


I’m all about QUICK! A couple of Rye cruskits with some avocado, feta, chili and cracked pepper do me until lunch time! If you want a little more, add a boiled egg on top!


Lunch I love going to my yiayia’s. She makes the BEST stuffed vegetables you’ll ever taste. Its basically veggies, stuffed with more veggies and rice! If she’s busy – a big tuna or chicken salad will do!


3:30itis is TOUGH! But not if you’re organized! I love a piece of zucchini slice or some cut up carrots of cucumbers with some dip (chili hummus is my fave!)or both.


Dinner I LOVE having some fish, chicken or meat and veggies! My go to is a chicken stir-fry with rice and as many veggies as I can get in!

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