My Day on a Plate: Amanda from The Raw Food Kitchen

Amanda Brocket is a qualified raw food chef, teacher, coach, author, and runs regular raw food workshops and exquisite raw food retreats in Bali and Sydney to help support people to a healthier life. Her first recipe book, The Raw Food Kitchen Book has just been released and intends to inspire others to try the raw food journey to better health with delicious recipes and cool tips n tricks to make transitioning to a raw vegan lifestyle fun and easy.


My day starts with a spirulina, intestamine, motion potion and probiotic drink. Then its off to the gym, yoga or a beach run and swim. I absolutely love getting time out in nature so if it's a sunny day beach and swim wins every time. If I'm really focused I will also do 15 minutes of meditation in the morning.
Usually I do 2 or 3 coffee enemas a week and this is part of my morning routine. Coffee enemas are great for detoxing the liver, improving digestion, removing bloat and gas, and removing candida cells hanging out in the liver.


Breakfast is usually a big 2 litre green smoothie with spinach, zucchini, cucumber, celery, mint, coconut flesh and water, banana, ginger, chia seeds, lime, apple or pear with a dollop of cashew yoghurt, almond milk, lucuma powder, medicinal mushrooms and a little sprouted vegan protein powder.

Or if I am feeling like a treat my sprouted buckwheat crunchies cereal with some fresh strawberries, home made coconut or cashew yoghurt and almond milk. Always with a sprinkling of medicinal mushroom powder - so great for fortifying your immune system.

A glass of kombucha or coconut kefir mid morning and endless cups of herbal tea keep me going through the day. (Tea addict!).


12 noon

Lunch consists of a mixed leafy green salad, shredded beetroot, carrot, capsicum, red onion, avocado maybe some cooked quinoa or legumes added in with garlic, spices, lemon juice, a delicious home made dill and cashew salad dressing topped with spicy sunflower seeds. There are some great recipes in my Easy Raw Food Recipes eBook that will give you plenty of lunch recipes to get you started with too!


Always need a pick me up at this time of day and it might be mixed nuts with raw cacao chocolate in the mix or blue corn chips with mashed avocado and sauerkraut.


Dinner might be a raw Asian stir fry with cauliflower rice or a vege quiche or pie. I also usually have a stack of raw pizza bases made so I can easily assemble a raw pizza with some simple fresh topping such as rocket, avocado, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, red onion and capsicum.



My favourite sweet treat at the moment is my raspberry chocolate mousse, its so easy to make, the combination of raspberry, coconut and chocolate is to die for, and its super healthy too!


My days can be crazy busy so to wind down at night I like to take another yoga class or take a walk, it so nice to stretch and be outside after a day in front of the computer. Last indulgence is a bath with epsom salts and before getting into bed I also use magnesium spray to relax the muscles, nervous system and give me a good nights sleep!

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