My Day on A Plate: Scott Gooding

This weeks Day On A Plate come from Scott Gooding.

Essentially I'm a PT & Health Coach who takes great pleasure in helping people make healthy, yummy recipes. I grew-up in pubs (in and around London) where there was always cooking and food and I guess I learned a great deal growing up and certainly influenced my passion for food and the types of flavours I love. There is so much health to be gained from food alone and many illnesses can be avoided by simply eating the right foods - I hope I can be a positive influence in someone's life when it comes to cooking healthy for them and their family. I live in Sydney and have done for the last 16 years and have a beautiful son, Tashi - 7 yrs. I train hard and find solace in wildlife documentaries and attempt to broaden my horizons by travel and listening to wise people.

Wake Up

As a PT I'm up early (4.30am some mornings) I hit the ground running with a quick and easy breakfast that will keep me full for a while. The dry mix of seeds is pre-mixed and bought in bulk to save me money and time.


Banana mashed with 1tbs tahini combined with buckwheat kernels, hemp seeds, almond flakes, sunflower seeds and pepita's - add to that 1 tbs of coconut oil and a handful of berries. After a couple hours of work and 90 mins in the gym I'm ravenous.
I'll then eat after training - normally within 30 mins and before I lose my mind. Can be slow cooked lamb, sweet potato and brussels, this late morning feed is usually leftovers from the night before - which ALWAYS taste better the next day. If i've trained I usually eat all day, relying on snacks such as pate, smoothies, raw veg, olives, broth, tuna, avo..the list goes on.




This is typically either leftovers again or a salad with some form of protein such as egg, sardines, salmon and dinner is a slow-cooked beef cheek in a sticky sauce cooked chinese five spice, star anise and cinnamon - yum.


On the days that I don't train I keep safe starchy carbs (taro, yams, sweet pots) to a minimum and rely on leafy greens (as many as I like) for my carbs and instead focus on high fat, moderate protein...and of course plenty of water.

I take a few supplements too - chlorella, beetroot, maca, and a probiotic.



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