October Kids Box Reveal

This month's box is full of fun snacks, from a chocolate rice puff bar to a berry immune boost sachet! Discover October's goodies below. 


Freedom Foods - Messy Monkeys Chocolate Rice Puff Bar

These bars are super fun for the kids and only contain 2.2g of sugar per serve. They contain sorghum which is a gluten free grain high in magnesium, iron and calcium. 

GoodnessMe Box Kids Box Reveal


Mavella Superfoods - Brain Boost Powder & Immunity Powder

Mavella Superfoods powders are a great way to add a boost of nutrients into your kid's diet. The Brain Boost powder is full of Omega-3, contains probiotics and tastes chocolatey! (A sneaky chocolate milk) The Immunity Powder is full of 9 different berries! 

GoodnessMe Box Kids Box Reveal


Human Bean Co - Lightly Salted Faba Beans

Who doesn't love crunchy faba beans? What's special about this brand is they are Australian grown from non-GMO seeds and are hand-picked! They are also air puffed, unlike your standard crunchy potato chips that are dowsed in oil. 

GoodnessMe Box Kids Box Reveal 


Only Organic - Ancient Grains Risotto

This risotto is made from ancient grains such as quinoa and millet which are also gluten free. Ancient grains means it's a grain that has been mostly unchanged over the last several hundred years. Wheat is not considered an ancient grain as it's constantly bred and changed. 

GoodnessMe Box Kids Box Reveal


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