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The Best Natural Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin  feature image

By Melissa Fine

Anyone with sensitive skin will know just how tricky it can be to find skincare products that don’t leave your face and body feeling and looking angry. If you’re looking for some tried-and-tested product recommendations from some fellow sensitive-skinned ladies, here you go! From your cleanser and toner through to your moisturiser, face mask, deodorant and more, consider your natural skincare routine for the new year sorted. 


For Your Cleanser, Choose: BeanBody Foaming Latte Face Wash

What better way to start your day than with a splash of coffee! With no sulphates, parabens, or artificial colours or fragrances, this is our go-to cleanser. Not only does the arabica coffee in here smell like happiness, it rejuvenates tired skin.

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For Your Serum, Choose: Vayda Organics Nourish-Hydration Seru

Australian certified organic and free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients, this rejuvenating serum includes calming lavender oil, moisturising and healing jojoba oil, plus linoleic acid (omega-6) from argan oil for its anti-inflammatory properties.

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For Your Moisturiser, Choose: RosehipPLUS Hydrating Day Cream 

Certified organic and approved by PETA, this natural moisturiser is overflowing with nourishing ingredients for sensitive skin types – think soothing aloe, calming chamomile, and a blend of skin-quenching oils like rosehip, avocado, and macadamia.

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For Your Sunscreen, Choose: MooGoo Natural Sunscreen 

Providing SPF 40 protection, MooGoo Sunscreen rubs in clear and doubles as a moisturiser (thanks to ingredients like jojoba oil). It’s so gentle on the skin that it’s kid-friendly, and can be applied on the body and face. Zinc oxide is the active ingredient, providing broad spectrum protection without any chemical UV filters.  

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For Your Makeup Remover, Choose: WaterWipes 

Not your average facial wipes, WaterWipes are allergen free, and contain the Vegan Society Stamp of approval…so now you’ve got no excuse to not remove your makeup! Ideal for even the most sensitive skin, WaterWipes contain no fragrance or preservatives, which means no sting. They give your skin nothing but natural mineral water, vitamin C-rich grapefruit extract, and soothing Dead Sea minerals. 

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For Your Eye Cream, Choose: Miss Magoo’s Firming Eye Cream 

We like the ingredient lists in our skincare products the same way we like them in our food: short and sweet, and with ingredients we recognise; the ingredients in Miss Magoo’s Eye Cream are just that. This pot of goodness will help keep crow’s feet at bay thanks to vitamin A-rich rosehip and raspberry seed oil, vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum (which helps promote collagen production), and antioxidant-rich, cell-protective vitamin E.

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For Your Face Mask, Choose: Vestige Vedant Organic Peat Facial Mask  

A super-natural face mask made with just two ingredients: organic peat moss extract (peat is spongey plant material unique to wetland areas), and water. Thousands of years old, the peat used for this mask has accumulated bioactive properties that soothe and heal highly sensitive or allergic skin types, eliminate toxins, and promote a desirable pH level in the skin – reducing greasiness and acne in the process. 

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For Your Deodorant, Choose: Jama

Keep BO away, naturally, and without the skin irritation with Jama deoderant. It’s aluminium free, is never tested on animals, and utilises ingredients like tapioca starch, which has a drying effect without clogging pores. Extracts from ingredients like grapefruit and vanilla provides just the right amount of natural fragrance, without being overpowering. 

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For Your Lip Balm, Choose: Vanessa Megan Lip Balm

A certified organic and cruelty free lip balm that works – thanks to coconut oil to seal in moisture, shea butter to heal and soothe cracked lips, and antioxidant-rich cocoa butter to protect against the harsh environment and signs of ageing. We love the gloss-factor and neutral scent.

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For Your Body Scrub, Choose: Abundant Natural Health Exfoliating Bar 

Not only is this bar 100% natural and eco-friendly, it’s filled with antioxidant-rich goat’s milk and olive oil to soothe and moisturise, jojoba beads to gently remove dead skin cells, and magnesium to relieve aching muscles. 

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For Your Collagen Product, Choose: Thankfully Nourished

Nourish sensitive skin from the inside-out with these tasteless and odourless collagen sachets, providing premium-grade, naturally-extracted collagen from wild-caught Red Snapper. A protein that makes up around 80 per cent of your skin, collagen helps keep the skin looking hydrated and plump - but it decreases with age…so pour the contents of one of these sachets into a glass of water and drink up! 

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