The Perfect Healthy Snacks For When You Are On The Run

Do you make unhealthy snack choices when

a) You have nothing healthy on hand, or

b) You’ve packed a couple of healthy snacks for the day ahead?

Chances are your answer is a), and so let’s stop this from happening with these easy wholefood snacks that travel well - and that won’t have you opting for hot chips or a commercial baked good of some sort.

Fruit Crisps

Move over potato crisps and meet Emily Crisp - crunchy popped real fruit crisps magically made with nothing but fruit, no frying or anything! We’ve been mixing a bag of the pineapple ones up with a handful of dry-roasted almonds for a homemade trail mix with a good balance of wholefood carbs, protein and healthy fats, but really we just love the flavour combination. Take this to the next-level with a broken up square of 70% dark chocolate thrown in.

Peanut Butter Slug with Fruit or Veggie Stick for Dipping

The only slug you’ll ever see us eating, our favourite Pic’s Peanut Butter comes not only in a jar, but in a slug-like, squeeze-y sachet that you can pop in your handbag, pocket or backpack for when the snack attack hits. We’ll happily eat one of these straight-up for a healthy fats and protein hit or squeezed onto veggie sticks or whatever portable fruit you’re into – peanut butter and apple is a sure combo.


YoPRO Protein Yoghurt

We can’t get enough of this satiating snack at GMB HQ, with a whopping 15+ grams of protein in a single tub! And unlike other high protein snack-sized yoghurts on the market, YoPRO contains ZERO ADDED SUGAR, being sweetened only with real fruit and stevia. There’s also the lactase enzyme in here, which helps to break down lactose – so if you’re lactose intolerant you might be able to stomach this one just fine. The strawberry and lemon (with real lemon pulp!) are our go-to flavours.



Portion-Controlled Nuts

If you find it easy to accidentally eat a whole family-sized bag of raw almonds on a long afternoon commute, why not separate the bag into individual portions? Or grab a snack-sized pack from the servo or supermarket – we like the Wallaby Forager range (especially the Salty Crunch variety with almonds and cashews roasted with olive oil and sea salt), or look out for the Lucky Snack Packs in the baking aisle of the supermarket.



A GMB-Approved Bar

Some wholefood bars on our rotation for when we need to grab-and-go. All gluten free, vegan + dairy free FYI.

Food For Health’s Fruit Free Bar with Coffee & Cacao is there any better flavour combo? This one is FODMAP friendly too, and a good substitute to the super sticky and sugary muesli bars on the market.


Emma & Tom’s Life Bars
 we love the wholefood ingredients list in these and ALL the flavours, but especially the sweet ‘n tart Fig & Lemon one.



Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars and Bites In drool-worthy flavours like Lamington and Himalayan Choc, one of these makes a perfectly acceptable breakkie-on-the-go option, and the Bites are the perfect snack size.


Kez’s Kitchen Free & Naked Gluten Free Bars
 The only hard part will be picking a flavour…Choc Mud, Choc Orange, or Popcorn? These are also NUT FREE – a great no-fuss lunchbox option if you have a kid!


Happy snacking guys! Let us know how you go with these.

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