What's the deal with maple water?

By Nutritionist and Health Editor Melissa Fine

Our beloved coconut water has a new buddy: Maple water. Yep. A natural hydration drink with a unique nutritional profile, here’s why we’re alternating between coconut water and maple water at GMB HQ.

What is Maple Water?

Maple water looks like good old water but is actually maple sap, the subtly sweet, clear liquid that naturally flows through a tree’s trunk in spring.

With brands like Drink Wahta (‘wahta’ means maple in Mohawk), accredited farmers tap the sap straight from the Canadian forests, before it undergoes quality control and goes into a Tetra Pak – so that we can drink it - as if straight from tree, all the way from Australia.

What are the Nutritional Benefits of Maple Water?

“As the maple sap flows from the roots, it picks up both sugar and trace amount of minerals, including calcium, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, and magnesium”, according to Drink Wahta – our go-to maple water in the GMB office.

Maple water also contains polyphenols, plant-based compounds that work as health-promoting antioxidants, which help neutralise free radicals; these are highly unstable compounds in the environment (i.e. toxins), and are also naturally produced in the body as a byproduct of metabolism.

Is maple water the new sport drink?

Because it’s a simply natural sugar, maple water is great pre-workout, breaking down quickly and working as an immediate fuel-source. I like having it before my zumba class. Or enjoy maple water post-workout – like coconut water, it’s water infused with electrolytes.

What Else Can I Do with Maple Water?

Apart from drinking it straight up (it’s just so good!), here are some other ways the GMB team have been enjoying their maple water – You can do all of the below with coconut water, too:

  • Poured into an ice-cube tray, frozen maple or coconut water cubes are 100% natural little ice blocks. You can also use the cubes to flavour and chill still or sparkling water.
  • As the liquid component in bircher muesli – a great option if you don’t do dairy, this also provides a little natural sweetness so you don’t need to add any sugar or syrups
  • In a smoothie: Both maple and coconut water have paired well with pretty much every fruit we’ve blended them with. My favourite smoothie combo at the moment? Meko coconut water (nothing nasty in this one) – about ½ a Cup, with a frozen banana and a fresh or frozen mango cheek…Blend with lots of ice for a seriously refreshing and hydrating slushy. Or, try 1/3 of a Cup maple water with a frozen banana, a handful of spinach and 2 teaspoons of chia seeds for a potassium-packed green smoothie.
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