East Bali Cashews	Sampler Box of 20x 35g (5x Cacao 5x Sea Salt 5x Roasted & 5x Chilli Lime)

East Bali Cashews Sampler Box of 20x 35g (5x Cacao 5x Sea Salt 5x Roasted & 5x Chilli Lime)

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Looking for a healthy snack loaded with protein, healthy fats and flavours that will make your tastebuds sing? The sustainably sourced East Bali Cashews are a game-changing plant-based snack that gives you a hit of goodness without compromising on flavour or quality. Their locally sourced cashews come in a variety of flavours and you get to try them all in this great value sampler box that holds five of each flavour: Cacao, Sea Salt, Roasted and Chilli Lime.

How to use: Add some crunch to your salad, sprinkle them on top of your yoghurt or morning muesli, add them to your smoothie or simply enjoy them on their own. East Bali Cashews come in convenient, pre-portioned snacks making them easy to enjoy at-home or on-the-go.

About this brand: East Bali Cashews is a social enterprise that works to bring jobs, education and improved livelihoods to impoverished regions of East Bali. After a volunteer trip to the region, Founder, Aaron Fishman, saw the opportunity to turn East Bali’s cashew trade into a powerful social venture that would improve the lives of people living in the vibrant Balinese communities. Their kitchens cook up snacks that are healthy, sustainable and providing more than 400 jobs in East Bali.


Cacao: Cashew Nuts (78%), Cane Sugar, Cacao (11%), Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt.

Sea Salt: Cashew Nuts (95%), Coconut Oil, Sea Salt (2%).

Roasted: Cashew Nuts (60%), Coconut Chips (40%) (Coconut, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt).

Chilli Lime: Cashew Nuts (50%), Coconut (31%), Cane Sugar, Shallots, Sea Salt, Lime (1%), Ginger, Chilli (0.5%), Coriander, Lemongrass, Turmeric.

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