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Lunette Menstrual Cup - Coral
Lunette Menstrual Cup - Coral

Lunette Menstrual Cup - Coral

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This Lunette Menstrual Cup pack includes 1x Coral Cup

The Lunette Menstrual Cup is a game-changer in period care. Small but mighty, it gives you a comfortable, safe, odourless and eco-friendly period for up to 12 hours a day. Lunette is made from 100% medical silicone making it hypoallergic and easy to keep clean. Best of all, you only need one cup and it will last you years, so it pays for itself after just 3 months!

Our Lunette cups are FDA and TGA listed, and produced with the highest standards, testing and love in Finland.

Each Lunette menstrual cup comes with a matching pouch (so you can keep it with you for whenever you need) and a handy guide.

  • BPA Free & Hypoallergic
  • Vegan
  • Safe alternative to pads & Tampons
  • Cost effective
  • Can be worn overnight and up to 12hrs
  • Odourless & easy to clean
Ingredients: 100% Medical Silicone
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