Gutsii Multii Shake 1kg Vanilla iice
Gutsii Multii Shake 1kg Vanilla iice

Gutsii Multii Shake 1kg Vanilla iice

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This Gutsii Multii Shake pack contains 1x 1kg Vanilla iice 

PRObiotics + PREbiotics + PROtein + Enzymes + Vitamins/Minerals + Antioxidants

Kick the supplement stresses and maximise nutrient absorption with the gut healing powerhouse of Gutsii Multii Shake 6 in 1.
Throw away your pills, jars and bottles and Multii Shake it up with our all-in-one, time and money saving gut healing, protein-packed, probiotic hero.

With a Gutsii Multii shake onboard in the morning you can relax knowing your nutrition, gut bacteria and energy levels have had a strong start to the day.
Gutsii Multii shake gives you 6 seperate supplements in one yummy drink that you can shake, blend or make into a smoothie:

1. Protein - Vegan even!
2. Probiotics - The colonising kind...
3. Prebiotics - The magic makers.
4. Antioxiants - Cellular magic.
5. Vitamins/Minerals - Be well in every cell.
6. Digestive Enzymes - What's the use if it doesn't all get absorbed???
Supplements are a gateway drug! Once you start on one you find yourself with a cupboard full of bottles.

IF YOU AREN’T SICK then stop living like a sick person popping pills all day.
IF YOU ARE SICK then let us support your healing.

Functional nutrition is when you take your nutrients from your food, not tablets, and the food has more impact than just macros (protein, fat and carbs).

We have taken the supplements we used the most and turned them into a food form to speed up your day, simplify your life and make sure you aren’t flushing your supplement money down the drain.

Take once a day mixed with water or milk of your choice. This Multii shake comes in vanilla iice flavour and is available in 2.2lbs bags (20 serves) of good vibes for your gut, energy levels and cellular health.

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