Special Bonus Product - My Matcha Fix (20g)

GoodnessMe Box


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My Matcha Fix is cultivated from top quality green tea leaves on an organic tea farm in Japan and shade grown for 4 weeks before harvest to ensure richer chlorophyll and L-theanine content. The leaves are then stone-ground into a beautiful fine powder.

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When will my GoodnessMe Box arrive?

We ship boxes twice a month, in the first week and the 18th of each month.

You need to place your order by the 25th of the month prior, in order to fall into the delivery in the 1st week of the month.  

Once your first box is on its way, we reset your subscription so that all other boxes will be sent on the 1st week of each month.  Your first box may take between 2-15 business days after it has been shipped, depending on where you live in Australia Delivery times after your box has left GMB HQ are:

  • 2-4 business days: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Adelaide Metro, Regional Victoria & NSW, ACT and Northern Queensland
  • 4-15 business days: Perth, Tasmania, Far North Queensland, Northern Territory, Regional QLD, WA, SA, New Zealand

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